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We are a private invitation only Dojo who practice Wado Kobukan Karate-do as taught by Reg Kear Sensei. Suzuki Tatsuo Sensei, one of the most famous Wado Ryu masters largely responsible for spreading Wado Ryu Karate to the western world, was pivotal to Reg Kear Sensei forming his knowledge and subsequent design – his in-depth understanding of the form’s nuances beyond the ornament of repertoire. Reg Kear Sensei began the practice of Wado Ryu Karate shortly after Suzuki Sensei arrived in Great Britain in 1965. He followed the teachings and Wado principles known to Suzuki Sensei for well over 40 years. The resulting legacy of Reg Kear Sensei’s commitment – to the study, practice and further development of his particular working of Wado – is the Wado we practice today – Wado Kobukan Karate-do.

I have been a student of Reg Kear Sensei since 1991 and am graded at 4th Dan, I have been teaching under his guidance since 2003 – until his passing – November 18th, 2015.

Nino Spadaro Sensei


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